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Raleigh have responded to the electric bike boom with the new range for 2017 consisting of fourteen models. At the top of the range are the Bosch-powered Motus and the Shimano Steps fully-auto Strada Electric, and at the £1,000 entry-level mark is the new Array. Coming in both crossbar and step-through versions, and in three different colour combinations (Navy, Black, and Denim - light blue!), the Array is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a commuter / runabout electric bike that is very simple, very smart, and very kind on the wallet (£42 a month on Raleigh’s interest-free credit). There’s...

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Never mind FullSeven, the Haibike XDURO FullSeven RC is FullEverything. Full suspension, full Bosch power, full mileage, it’s the FullPackage! Power lies at the heart of this black beauty. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is the very top model, offering up to 300% assistance and 75Nm of torque. Powerful acceleration supplies the ultimate uphill buzz. The Bosch three-sensor concept (pedal power, cadence and speed) mean you’re always getting the most efficient, responsive ride. The large capacity 500Wh battery offers an average of 100 miles on one charge, although it’s perfectly possible to get more, depending on terrain and other...

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