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1 in 3 bicycles will be an e-bike by 2023

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1 in 3 bicycles will be an e-bike by 2023

According to Bosch, by 2023, one in three new bicycles sold will come with an electric motor. Europeans are embracing battery-powered bikes as a means of responsible personal mobility.

In Germany, 2015 sales of all e-bikes surpassed 500,000 for the first time in history. The rise is occuring all over Europe and as the e-bike appeals to all manner of uses, sales are expected to grow by as much as 33%.

"The eBike is increasingly becoming a lifestyle product," said Claus Fleischer, Head of the Bosch eBike Systems business unit. "We remain confident for the years ahead. The potential is enormous. In the medium run, one new bicycle in three sold in Central Europe is likely to be an eBike."

There are 2.1 million electric bicycles on German roads already, and research (from industry body ZIV) forecasts that growth in Asia and North America will increase by as much as 27% over the coming years.

And much of this interest could come from surprising sources, according to Fleischer. "One trend to watch is sporting use. Electric is now gaining momentum among mountain bikers."