2017 Bosch Electric Bike Updates from Interbike

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2017 Bosch Electric Bike Updates from Interbike

New display - bigger battery - smaller charger

Bosch spokesperson Jonathan Weinert and Electric Bike Review's Court Rye spent some time exploring the latest updates from Bosch Ebike systems including the CX drive, a new smaller display panel (which still has micro USB charging) the upgraded 500 watt hour battery pack and a customized Lapierre ebike that won a recent electric bike competition.

Court asked what’s new for Bosch eBike Systems in 2017, and Jonathan really delivered, making these updates fun, and that’s great because Bosch is such a big player, taking their systems very seriously and offering such good support as one of the largest ebike drive system makers that it could have been dry and boring.

He may have implied that I have multiple cars and that I know “all about speed” which I do not. Jon showed me the bike raced by Victor Sheldon with the custom aftermarket parts including a 10 speed wide range SRAM cassette, ebike specific Fox fork and a funky saddle I wish I would have asked more about.

I learned that the new Bosch Centerdrive software now lets the motor kick in at 20 RPM and is measuring wheel speed, pedal cadence and pedal torque. SRAM EX1 Drivetrain is another update, it’s ebike specific to offer a wider range of pedal speeds. The shifting is super smooth even though there are bigger jumps between the speeds.

In addition to the larger battery pack size (which is backwards compatible) there’s a smaller, lighter charger that pushes out 2 Amps vs. the larger standard 4 Amps (just to make it easier to bring along).

Court's favorite part of the whole thing was seeing the inside of the Bosch Centerdrive motor system, with a clear plastic box with all of the gears, axles and wires showing the inside of the motor at the booth.