An American single-speed electric bike

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An American single-speed electric bike

Paul Budnitz is a magpie businessman, starting a clothing company while still in college, then vintage clothing, 16mm movies, customized MiniDisc players, and the adult/kids toyline Kidrobot.

In 2011, he started Budnitz Bicycles. Budnitz says, ‘our bikes are built to be simple. We use a belt instead of chains since they don’t require grease or oil.’

budnitz model e electric bike

For 2017, Budnitz has entered the electric bicycle market with the Model E, which he believes is the lightest on the market (possibly, though there are other contenders).

Crafted in titanium alloy (‘as light as aluminum, as strong as steel’), the Model E pairs a clean Gates Carbon Belt Drive with a Zehus Bike+ 250W electric rear hub which contains the motor, sensors, and 30V L-ion 160Wh battery.

Range is quoted at 20-100 miles, and you can pedal backwards to return some power to the hub.