Batteries in electric bikes getting bigger

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Batteries in electric bikes getting bigger

Over the last few years, electric bike batteries have reached the point where you can get an average of 60+ miles from one charge, and plenty more is possible. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want more!

Batteries that bring more mileage and promise to last 10+ years are within reach. And it looks like Tesla are to thank.

The leading battery cell makers Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and LG produce some 80% of the world’s battery cells. When these cylindrical shaped cells are connected, you have an electric bike battery controlled by Battery Management System (BMS). With Tesla currently placing large orders with Taiwan based HiTech Energy, they have announced that their current 18650 cell will be upgraded to a 21700 cell. This new 21700 cell is 21mm diameter and 70mm high (yes, the 18650 cell is 18mm diameter and 65mm high). Bigger size, bigger output, up to 4.8Ah in fact, which potentially offers more than three times the lifespan and maximum mileage. So we’re entering the realms of 10+ lifetime and close to 200 miles on one charge. More mileage means less recharge time, which in turn means the battery’s lifespan becomes longer. Staggering stuff.

Expect 2018 to see 700Wh batteries offering these figures.