BMW launch their updated electric bike

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BMW launch their updated electric bike

BMW have dipped their toes into the bicycle market already, just like Mercedes (SMART) did in 2013, in creating an electric bike that complements their automobile line, but the end of 2016 sees the German giants unveil a revised version of their BMW Cruise e-Bike.

BMW Cruise e-Bike electric bike

The BOSCH Performance Line-powered line-up features a bull-neck frame made of hydroformed aluminium developed in-house by BMW.

The Accessory and Lifestyle Manager at BMW North America, Eric Riehle, commented: “BMW aims to be the leading provider of premium mobility services, and our bicycle collection furthers that mission. As we enter the holiday season, these bikes make the perfect present for those wishing for their first BMW.”

Eric’s comments there seem to be saying, ‘hey, you might not be able to afford a BMW with four wheels, but how about one with two, at less than a tenth of the price?’ With the financial might BMW possess, it’s curious to see them dip their toe into a growing marketplace, rather than launch a larger line-up that might actually make people sit up and notice. The Cruise e-Bike just smacks of being ‘an extra’ on top of a car purchase. All electric bikes are welcome here, but we do tend to prefer ones that have plenty of forethought, as opposed to being an afterthought.