Bosch looks to expand electric-based empire

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Bosch looks to expand electric-based empire

In the age of increasing electric transport, be it supplying software for automotive giants or developing their own best-selling crank drive motors for electric bikes, the Bosch empire wants to get bigger.

The company recently showcased two electric-drive technologies that it says could enable small manufacturers to speed vehicles to market.

Sales in its mobility division hit $50.1 billion in 2016, and the company expects sales to grow 7 percent in 2017.

Rolf Bulander, chairman of Bosch Mobility Solutions, said, ‘We are evolving into a provider of services for road users. To come up with new concepts for mobility, we are also revising our conception of Bosch.’

In March, Bosch said it was working with chipmaker Nvidia to develop a self-driving supercomputer. Since the announcement, Stephan Stass, senior vice president of chassis system control, said Bosch has increased its computing capability for artificial intelligence systems to about three times faster than the human brain.