Bosch Nyon is the ultimate electric bike display

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Bosch Nyon is the ultimate electric bike display

Most electric bikes come with a perfectly good control display, be it the Bosch Intuvia, the bigger Yamaha version, or the even bigger Shimano Steps display ('ours does the same, but it's... BIGGER'). They all show current speed, remaining mileage, power and more. They can be used to recharge phones via USB, and they can be utilised for automatic gearing systems. They're uniformly grey, a few of the stats you may never look at, and they're not anything to get THAT excited about after you've seen a few.


THE BOSCH NYON SYSTEM IS SOMETHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT! It's a mini (145mm wide) computer on your bike, featuring pretty much everything you could want on a ride.


Onboard GPS means you can work out routes on the fly or in advance, and you can save these routes for future rides. The Nyon also works out how far you can go dependent on the battery and includes factors like altitude.


There's a fitness option which can help you get a little bit more calorie-burn each time, if that's what you're after, showing what you're burning, rpm, and current activity levels.


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Customizable screen design

Suit Nyon to your particular needs. With 20 types of information to choose from and 3 unique screen layouts, you can easily configure your own screen design, using the eBike Connect smartphone app.


The driving mode you want

Whether you’re heading out for some intense off-road fun or a long, relaxing tour, you can use the smartphone app to adjust your eBike’s motor assistance by selecting one of the 5 available driving modes.


Planning tours on your PC

From route planning and reviewing to setting exercise targets and analyzing the detailed results, the "" portal allows you to easily and conveniently manage all your eBiking activities on your PC.


Linked to your smartphone

Always online, even while out eBiking. The eBike Connect smartphone app allows you to upload tour destinations, for example, to Nyon. And upcoming apps and updates will ensure maximum versatility.


Altitude measurement for mountain stages.

You’ve still got 114 meters to the summit! Nyon features an integrated altitude line indicator to show you your exact performance through mountain stages. Thanks to the manual calibration at the start of your tour, the measurement is very precise.


Topo Range

The new premium "Topo Range" function indicates the range on your Nyon. Based on topographical information (altitude), your current riding profile (support mode) and the charge state of your eBike PowerPack, you can see your range from your current location the map.


The Bosch Nyon display can be used to replace any Intuvia display, so it's one upgrade you should really consider.