Conquering hills with ‘The Beast’

Doctor, electric bike -

Conquering hills with ‘The Beast’

A doctor’s mission to make his rounds on an e-bike is being documented online... here were meet the medical man who has turned into a two-wheeled wonder. Three months into his vlogging career, Dr Ollie Hart reflected on his achievements so far as the social media star of ‘Doc on a Bike.’

“It was a blue sky day in October, and I was riding up Woodseats hill with the wind in my face, going as fast as a car, and after a morning in the surgery at my desk I was so glad to be out on my bike. “I realised that this really was my preferred means of transport.” For those who have attempted Woodseats hill on a bike, it’s important to note that Ollie Hart is not a 20 year old hyper athlete in shiny lycra, but a 46 year old GP with a pannier full of medical equipment. And his co-star in the Doc on a Bike video blogs and twitter posts is no ordinary bicycle. You can turn the motor off, which is like resistance training ‘The Beast’ as Ollie affectionately calls his steed of three months, is an ‘e-bike’, a standard bicycle with a cunning electric motor to assist with pedalling when required, up to Woodseats for example. On September 1st, Ollie set up his social media accounts to document a whole year of work as a Sheffield GP without using a car.

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