Copenhagenize Index shows the UK needs to 'up the pace'

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Copenhagenize Index shows the UK needs to 'up the pace'

Every other year, the ‘Copenhagenize Index’ publishes an overview of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Cities with populations larger than 600,000 are rated on the basis of 13 criteria. What role does cycling play in city life, transportation and culture? The Copenhagen Index has the answers.

Statistics from the report’s leading city are staggering. In Copenhagen, 63% of the city's population commute to work or school by bike. Only 10% commute by car.

Second place goes to Amsterdam, with the number of bicycles exceeding the population: 881,000 bicycles for 800,000 inhabitants. Amsterdamers cycle two million kilometers every day.

Third-placed Utrecht is building the largest bicycle parking facility in the world. Upon completion, it will offer space for 12,500 bicycles.

France’s no.1 cycling city is fourth-placed Strasbourg. A 560 km network of cycling lanes is available in the city and its subway coverage area.

Eindhoven completes the top five, aided by the 5,000 daily cyclists who use the Hovenring, a suspended cycle path roundabout. This helps decongest traffic on the adjacent roads in Eindhoven.

The runners-up are 6th Malmö, 7th Nantes, 8th Bordeaux, 9th Antwerp, 10th Sevilla 11th Barcelona, 12th Berlin, 13th Ljubljana, 14th Buenos Aires, 15th Dublin, 16th Vienna, 17th Paris, 18th Minneapolis, 19th Hamburg, and Montreal in 20th.

London doesn’t currently rank in the top twenty, but perhaps the recent superhighway might push our UK capitial into the rankings in 2017, the next due date for a new report.

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