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Cycle BOOM participant Brian Hook

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Cycle BOOM participant Brian Hook

Study area: Oxford
Age: 80s
Location: Market town
Cycling history: Diminished
Bike: E-bike

Themes: Sociability, Enjoyment, Fitness, Exploration, Wellbeing, Mobility

Brian took part in the E-bike trial and his partner Gill also bought an E-bike to share the experience with him. They have lived together in Abingdon since 2012. Brian was born and grew up in Oxford and cycled extensively when younger for transport and sport. He worked for Oxfordshire County Council as a buildings officer, mostly commuting by bike until retiring in 1990. Since then Brian had cycled locally on shopping trips and he and Gill had done a variety of regular local rides together for pleasure and for transport, often travelling up to 24 miles, mainly on cycle paths. They also took their bikes by car or train to more distant UK locations on holidays. They are generally very active, swimming and playing ball games.

Brian’s cycling had been curtailed more recently by time constraints of playing sport, a busy family life and a knee problem which made cycling painful, slowing him down.

In this film Brian describes how the E-bike made cycling enjoyable again. He found it comfortable and ‘thrillingly fast to ride’, without suffering any knee pain and still getting useful exercise. Brian explains how the E-bike replaced short car journeys and how he and Gill ventured further afield together, revisiting old haunts and discovering new places, safe in the knowledge that the battery can help him return home from longer trips if tired. Brian and Gill describe how this cycling together was much more enjoyable than walking. Gill also reflects on the significant positive impact on Brian’s overall wellbeing of re-engaging with cycling.