Cycle BOOM participant Dave Thurston

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Cycle BOOM participant Dave Thurston

Study area: Reading
Age: 50s
Location: Suburb
Cycling history: Long break
Bike: E-bike

Themes: Exercise, Fitness, Mobility, Enjoyment, Traffic, Infrastructure

Dave lived in a quiet cul-de-sac in Reading with his wife and eldest son. He was recovering from a second heart attack twelve months previously and suffered from fatigue. He had cycled all his life until he became unwell in 2002 and was keen to see if cycling could improve his stamina and fitness. He was currently walking daily and volunteered at a cardio gym but did not own a bike.

Growing up, Dave’s parents didn’t have a car and so they travelled by bike or moped. He learnt to ride a bike in the close where he now lives and used a bike a great deal with friends, cycling to local weekly activities and as far as the 45 minutes to Pangbourne. When he and his wife got a car in the 1980s, it was mainly for his wife to go shopping and pick up the children from school. He still used his bike as his main mode of transport until he worked for courier companies too far away to cycle to.

In this film Dave recounts his reasons for getting involved in the study – wanting to improve his fitness and widen his horizons. He reflects on how the benefits of the E-bike, including riding position, journey speed and reliability and confidence getting home led him to buy one after the trial. He relates how peak traffic is a challenge but how he avoids this by changing his time of travel or the route that he uses. Finally he details his plans for expanding his E-biking in the future.