Cycling is the answer to air pollution

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Cycling is the answer to air pollution

Sustrans’ Tim Burns says the battle against air pollution is one that cycling is in a prime position to combat.

This article comes in the recent government plan to ban all new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040. Although welcome, this aim won’t reduce our congested roads or improve a sedentary mode of transport.

More people on bikes solves both of those issues.

The average distance travelled by car in 2015 is only seven miles, and only 2% of those trips are undertaken by bike (I’m surprised it’s that high).

A 3.5 metre-wide single lane can transport 2,000 people an hour in cars, whereas the same lane can be used to transport 14,000 people on bicycles.

Although London and other major World cities are pushing the humble bike as the future, we really need more work around the UK.

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