Douglas County promotes electric assist bikes

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Douglas County promotes electric assist bikes



Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program will enable its customers to purchase 100 percent renewable energy in the form of ebikes.

As The News Review correctly points out, the motor assist is variable, so you can choose from a little help to all the power you need to climb the hills around Douglas Countys' Roseburg. As they so eloquently put it, 'Exercise when you want it, and Electric when you need it'.

They mention step-thru models with their upright riding position, and being easy on your knees and hips. Millennials who are shunning the car and college students are also mentioned as keen ebikers.

The Oregon Department of Transportation classes them as 'non-motorized vehicles,' which means you can ride them anywhere.

They even mention that people with multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons can slow down the disease progression by riding a bicycle, and everyone can improve their health and spirit by riding.