Electric journeys

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Electric journeys

It's not just electric bikes that are getting attention. This article details how electric power is being added to skateboards (I've always thought that looked like hard work), scooters, and a rather expensive ($11,000) electric trike.

As the article points out, as technology enables more range and smaller casings, so the tech can be used on all manner of vehicles. Metroboard sells a large-scale skateboard with a 40 mile range. The most popular electric skateboard maker, Boosted, unveiled a second gen board in 2016 with an extended range battery that promised up to 14 miles, but technical issues caused a recall.

The Mahindra’s GenZe 2.0 scooter is cloud-connected, as are many electric bikes, allowing you to run diagnostics and change settings from your phone, as well as find the scooter if it’s lost.