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Great reasons to ride an electric bike in The Guardian

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Great reasons to ride an electric bike in The Guardian

We who already ‘electric bike’ around the country know just how great they are, and can talk your head off about the many reasons why.


The Guardian recently published a great, in-depth article about our growing commuter and spare-time pursuit, with Bristolian Philip Dalton the evangelical convert.

The 44-year-old man cover a huge 56-mile round-trip commute to Bristol, and part of that includes the menacing Mendip hills.

A noticeable quote from Philip, “In the four months I’ve been using my e-bike I’ve got much fitter without really noticing it and don’t have to waste time at the gym because I’ve had my workout getting to the office.”

Local shop-owner Chris Moody states, ‘There’s a lot of cheap tat out there and e-bikes under £1,000 just aren’t worth it’, and he says if you’ll struggle to buy an e-bike in one go (close to £2,000 upwards), then the Green Commute Initiative (GCI) is the way to go, as unlike other cycle-to-work schemes, there is no £1,000 cap, and the GCI has already signed up some big name organisations including Heathrow airport, Heathrow Express and the City of London.

Philip Dalton goes on to say, ‘You need to try an e-bike to really understand what it feels like and to appreciate its benefits. It feels like the future has already arrived.’

The article then goes on to highlight a few popular brands, one of which is the Raleigh Captus electric bike.