Greg Callaghan on his love of electric bikes

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Greg Callaghan on his love of electric bikes

Irish enduro racer Greg Callaghan recently spoke about how he often trains on an electric bike, or an eMTB to be precise.

‘There is a bit of stigma around them, but as my teammate says, 'I’ve never seen someone ride an e-bike without a smile'. Anyone who gives it a chance and rides one loves it.

I love mine. Normally I’ll use it when I have a recovery ride planned. I’ll go out for a couple of hours on the e-bike because you get more trails done. You get way more value for the energy and time you put in.

If you ride a trail centre it feels so planted and stable. All the weight is at the bottom and the centre of the bike, and once you get the thing going it just wants to keep going. They’re so fast!

If you go out for an hour on a mountain bike, you’ll probably spend 40 minutes bored on a climb and 20 minutes actually riding. If you go out on an e-MTB, you spend an hour mountain biking because even on the climbs you’re riding the bike and it’s still fun. You can proper roost turns on climbs!’