Haibike 2017 electric bike range at the Interbike show

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Haibike 2017 electric bike range at the Interbike show

New id system - new Yamaha motor - more width

Haibike were amped to show off their 2017 range at Interbike, and Electric Bike Review's Court Rye spent some time talking about the origin of the company, the introduction of ePerformance electric bikes to the United States, and what’s in store for the future. One of the big updates is a larger battery pack from both Bosch and Yamaha to extend rides.

Susi Puelo gave Court some background on Haibike, as the managing director of the Winora Group. The company was founded in 1996 when mountain bikes began gaining in popularity in Europe. In 2009 they transitioned more towards electric bikes and brought them over to the USA in 2010. Her great grandfather founded the company in 1920.

All of the road style Haibikes come with integrated lights but it sounds like even the dirt ready off-road models are wired for it so you could add lights to them as well. Many models feature the new 500W battery packs from Bosch and Yamaha and if you own an older Haibike the batteries are backwards compatible. Haibike is now using numbers instead of letters to designate the levels of component specs so Court saw some 6 and 8 levels vs SL and RX etc. Also, many of the models offer the plus size tires (3” diameter) which improves rider stability, confidence and traction… but also drag, so with more electric assist bicycles coming out these days and the added power they bring, we are seeing plus sizes because of the aforementioned benefits.

One of Court's favourite bikes was the 37lb Haibike XDURO FullSeven Carbon Ultimate that costs $16k. Awesome electronic shifting in addition to full carbon wheels with solid spoke design like cast magnesium. Haibike also unveiled their second-generation SDURO HardFour kids electric bike. It’s designed for younger riders and has a top assisted speed of 12 miles per hour to help keep them safe and support learning.