Hidden Electric Bike Motors

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Hidden Electric Bike Motors

There’re accusations flying around in the professional cycling world of motor doping (#motordope), and that’s because a company like Vivax can install a motor and battery into a normal road bike (at quite a cost) invisibly.

Bicycling Magazine have a good feature and videos on just how it works. Obviously, this isn’t a pure electric bike, as electric bikes are designed from the ground up and their motors (supplied by Bosch, Yamaha or Shimano) feature many more modes and options than this set single-speed option from Vivax.

We’re not opposed to anyone using electric power for whatever assistance they might require. Obviously, the use of this technology in a professional racing situation is flat-out cheating, and it’s a surprise to see anyone actually having the bare-faced cheek to try it. Recent allegations against Team Sky would probably be up there with the Lance Armstrong affair if ever proved.