Italy sees double growth for electric bikes

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Italy sees double growth for electric bikes

According to industry association Confindustria ANCMA the electric bike explosion in Italy has really kicked off. Their just released 2016 market statistics on bicycle and e-bike production, import, export and sales reveal that Italians bought over twice as many electric bicycles last year as they did in 2015. The statistics indicate that 2017 sales will also see new highs.

E-bike sales increased by a huge 121% in 2016 compared to the 2015 sales total. The number of electric bicycles sold stood at 124,400; in 2015 that total was 56,200.

It is said that once a 4-5% market share is reached sales will accelerate as consumer recognition increases.


“The 2016 market data confirms the great change that we are registering since a few years now: E-bikes are changing the way we ride,” said Corrado Capelli, chairman of Confindustria ANCMA. “What we see is that more and more bicycle enthusiasts are choosing the pedal-assisted bikes to move in urban traffic or for a ride in the mountains. Agility and fatigue reduction when riding are just two of the positive indicators that explain the growth in e-bike sales. 2017 will show that same trend.”