Norway sees double growth in electric bikes

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Norway sees double growth in electric bikes

Not only are electric bike sales on the increase in the UK, a new report states that sales are estimated to double in Norway this year. What contributes to the success is a subsidy scheme offered by the Oslo city council for residents that buy an e-bike.

While non-electric bike sales have remained fairly static, e-bike sales have doubled to 40,000 bikes in 2016, giving them 10% of the overall share.

Most electric bikes sold in Norway went for about NOK 20,000 (€2,200), which would tally with the price of crank drive motor manufacturers like Bosch. Throw in that €550 council subsidy, as well as Norwegian politicians actively promoting cycling, new bike lanes, and these bike routes being cleared of snow in the winter, then you can see a strong drive towards electric transportation in another major global city.