Paris en route to cycling nirvana

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Paris en route to cycling nirvana

The centre of Paris is taking steps to becoming a mecca for cyclists and electric bike riders.

Cars have been banned from parts of the French capital recently as part of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s wider efforts to fight air pollution, with Paris being one of the worst offenders in the world a few years ago. It’s no surprise to see Hidalgo being so aggressive, as she is the new president of the ‘C40 Cities group’, a network of large global cities which share ideas and expertise in the fight against climate change.

Around half of Paris was off limits to cars for the capital’s second ‘Day without cars’ (Journée sans voitures). The 2016 event covered a staggering 650km of the city (that must be totalled roadways)

In September 2016, the Paris City Council approved a controversial plan to transform a stretch of highway that runs along the Seine River through central Paris into a pedestrian-only zone.