Photographer completes ‘E-bike diaries’ adventure

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Photographer completes ‘E-bike diaries’ adventure

Swiss photographer Luca Zanetti and friends imagined what kind of Latin America road trip Che Guevara would go on if he were alive today. The answer is contained in these ‘E-bike diaries’.

‘I was seen as a hero,’ said Zanetti, after daily rides of up to 140 kilometres. Until, that is, when the curious villagers were told Zanetti’s bike was electric, and their admiration of a hill-climbing god stepped down a notch or two.

In a nod to ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, the memoirs by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, Zanetti decided to call this latest voyage ‘The E-bike Diaries’, swapping a Norton motorcycle for a Swiss Flyer, covering 11,150 kilometres through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

An amusing moment on his travels saw him stumble upon a farm equipped with solar panels. ‘The farmer let us charge our e-bike batteries, as we were about to totally run out of power. I was a bit too greedy and plugged in all my batteries at the same time. Suddenly there was a bang; the power went out, the lights, the fridge, and so on, and then the lights started flashing.’

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