Ford launch Segway-like electric pedestrian board, the Carr-E

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Ford launch Segway-like electric pedestrian board, the Carr-E

Automotive giant Ford have created a new four-wheel mode of transport, but it’s not a car - no, this is the Carr-E, a four-wheeled electric pedestrian assistant.

The Carr-E can be used to carry luggage or heavy shopping. Once an object is placed on the device, it will follow an electronic transmitter which the users keeps on their person.

Ford Carr-E electric

As shown in the opening photograph, the Carr-E can be used for personal transport, a bit like a Segway.

“I really wanted to create a device, that is more than just a hoverboard,” says Ford systems engineer, Kilian Vas. “I was inspired by Ford’s expansion into both an auto and a mobility company, as well as our founder Henry Ford’s dedication to transforming transportation,” added engineer.

Ford Carr-E has a range of 22 kilometres, can carry 118kg, has a max speed of 18km/h, and takes 35 minutes to charge. So if Ford make a bike rack for it, we could see an electric device transporting an electric bike. I can’t quite work out a practical use for this (you could ride a bike while you ‘tag’ another bike along with you?), but who knows.

Taken from this original report.