Spread the electric bike word in 2016

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Spread the electric bike word in 2016

Spread the electric bike word in 2016 Every year at the big bike shows like Eurobike and the UK Cycle Show, electric bikes take up more space, gradually gnawing away at the traditional bicycle stands. In 2016, Haibike have their own demo area for their 2017 range. Proof is all around us that the e-bike is getting bigger, better, and more popular.

The numbers from across Europe are impressive, with around half a million sold in Germany throughout 2015, with the Netherlands not far behind this figure. Worldwide sales of 35 million are mainly accounted for by China. Interestingly, both the UK and the US have been slow to cotton on to this worldwide revolution.

Reasons for electric bikes popularity are obvious: anyone of any age or fitness can ride an e-bike. Older riders can keep getting out there, partners can keep up with their other halves, and where the electric bike was once seen as something only for ‘old’ people, the new electric bikes from the likes of Haibike and Gocycle are so impressive-looking that even a young hipster looks good on one.

Bad traffic affects virtually every part of the UK, so electric bikes are another great reason to get away from the rush-hour stress and commute via cycle paths, trails, or even across parkland. Swap that £400 monthly train ticket (never mind parking charges) for an electric-powered ride that costs pennies each week, and boosts your fitness too.

It’s a proven fact (talk to any e-biker) that once you’ve got yourself an electric bike, you’ll ride more than you ever did before, and because you won’t be exhausting yourself each time you go out, you’ll enjoy it more, and end up doing it even more. Electric bikes seem to be a self-perpetuating phenomenon.