Stockholm to get high-tech new electric bike-sharing scheme

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Stockholm to get high-tech new electric bike-sharing scheme

Stockholm's public bike-share scheme is to be replaced with a larger network of high-tech electric bikes, more than tripling the current capacity and extending its reach to suburbs.

The Swedish capital's current system uses around 1,200 standard bikes placed at stations mostly in the city centre open for use between April and October. According to the City of Stockholm, the bikes were used more than 500,000 times in the 2016 season, but there is a demand for more locations and longer usage periods.

With the contract for the current bikes coming to an end, the scheme is about to get a major improvement, increasing the capacity to 5,000 and swapping the bikes for modern hybrid electric models. It will also be open all year round.

"The way it will work is that when you register, you are given a small battery which you can charge at home. If you don’t want to use the battery, you just use the bikes like a normal bike, but if you want an electric one, you connect the battery, which is included in the normal season ticket price," Daniel Helldén, Vice Mayor of Traffic at the City of Stockholm, told The Local.