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An INDIEGOGO online campaign is hoping to fund an electric BMX bike. Stats are similar to hub-motor bikes, 20+ miles of range, the usual speed, and obviously it will probably be the heaviest BMX on the market! BMXs aren’t as popular as when they first appeared in the 80’s, but there might be enough nostalgics out there to make this happen. The old BMX is a bit hard on the knees though. Source

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Nothing to do with electric bikes, but we couldn't help but try out this makeitstranger text generator site, based on the hit Netflix show 'Stranger Things'. The font style is based on straight-to-video horror movies logos of the 80's, and perhaps more directly, Stephen King novels of the time (pictured below) and the show itself is set in 1983 and features 80's goddess, Winona Ryder, and a bunch of charming kids who seem to have jumped straight out of a Spielberg film like 'E.T.' or Richard Donner's 'The Goonies'. It's all great fun, and only eight episodes long.

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