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Mike Minnick and his rescue dog Bixby have been riding around America since 2013. Their time together has become an epic 19,000-mile journey across America, visiting animal shelters in forty-five US states. Based in Miami, Mike says he uses Bixby as an ambassador to shelter dogs. With a new electric bike, Minnick and Bixby are headed to California. Also in the pipeline is a kids book about their adventures together, and a nonprofit organization to raise money for animal shelters across the country. Source: Local 10 News

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Paul Budnitz is a magpie businessman, starting a clothing company while still in college, then vintage clothing, 16mm movies, customized MiniDisc players, and the adult/kids toyline Kidrobot. In 2011, he started Budnitz Bicycles. Budnitz says, ‘our bikes are built to be simple. We use a belt instead of chains since they don’t require grease or oil.’ For 2017, Budnitz has entered the electric bicycle market with the Model E, which he believes is the lightest on the market (possibly, though there are other contenders). Crafted in titanium alloy (‘as light as aluminum, as strong as steel’), the Model E pairs...

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Swiss photographer Luca Zanetti and friends imagined what kind of Latin America road trip Che Guevara would go on if he were alive today. The answer is contained in these ‘E-bike diaries’. ‘I was seen as a hero,’ said Zanetti, after daily rides of up to 140 kilometres. Until, that is, when the curious villagers were told Zanetti’s bike was electric, and their admiration of a hill-climbing god stepped down a notch or two. In a nod to ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, the memoirs by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, Zanetti decided to call this latest voyage ‘The E-bike Diaries’, swapping a Norton...

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