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Derek James may have spent a lifetime down the mines, but age slows even the fittest of us down eventually. Electric bikes are the reason we can all continue cycling into our twilight years. Hills are conquered daily in the Mumbles, and even the council leader plans to introduce an electric bike-sharing scheme, although Derek isn’t quite sure about how to secure such expensive bikes. Interestingly, Derek James once had a Sinclair electric bike, which must have been at least thirty years ago, but Derek says it wasn’t good enough. Derek even recognises the benefits to commuters, who want to...

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There’s a neat little plug for electric bikes over in the Saga Magazine. It highlights useful info like how you’ll be emboldened to ride further as you have the assistance and you know how much of that you have left so you can plan your return. They also offer the legal points of how an electric bike must only contribute power when you are pedalling, and obvious points about what type of cycling you’ll be doing and how electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, something which might not be apparent to someone who has little knowledge of the...

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