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The American arm of Yamaha Motor Corp. will begin selling its first branded power-assist electric bicycles. The Japanese giant, which manufactures everything from motorcycles and musical instruments to personal water scooters and motorboats, will begin selling Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles through U.S. dealers in 2018. Yamaha has been in the e-bike business for decades, as a designer and builder of electric bicycle power trains. The company said it has produced more than 4 million drive units for other brands. These will be the first Yamaha bicycles sold in the U.S. More

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Matthew DeBord has written an article at Business Insider about how cycling has exploded in New York over the last decade. Bike-sharing schemes have popped up, and there are bike lanes everywhere, and bike-oriented traffic signals. People ride their bikes year round, rain, shine, sleet, or snow. DeBord feels there are now as many bike shops as there once were dive bars (a rarity these days). He goes on to mention electric bikes, and how this vast flotilla of bikes has almost taken over the city's transportation ecosystem. "More than three-quarters of a million New Yorkers ride a bike regularly-250,000...

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Technbob spent an afternoon with Bosch eBike Systems in the US and rode along the Chicago Lakefront on one of the most beautiful days of the year. They cover all the usual points that make electric bikes such a great idea (no sweat, speed, styles, fitter, health), and overall it’s another good article towards encouraging more of us to adopt the electric lifestyle. Read the whole article here

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    Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program will enable its customers to purchase 100 percent renewable energy in the form of ebikes. As The News Review correctly points out, the motor assist is variable, so you can choose from a little help to all the power you need to climb the hills around Douglas Countys' Roseburg. As they so eloquently put it, 'Exercise when you want it, and Electric when you need it'. They mention step-thru models with their upright riding position, and being easy on your knees and hips. Millennials who are shunning the car and college students are also mentioned as keen ebikers....

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The author is delighted to write about how the proliferation of bikes in New York is staggering. Bike-sharing schemes like CitiBike have helped, and there are bike lanes everywhere, with bike-oriented traffic signals. People ride their bikes year round, rain, shine, sleet, or snow. The author goes on to say that this NYC revolution is happening in many other American cities, and electric bikes are noticeable. "More than three-quarters of a million New Yorkers ride a bike regularly - 250,000 more than just five years ago." the NYC Department of Transportation said in its "Cycling in the City" report. Source...

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