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It sound like 'the e-bike smile' is gaining traction around the world, if this article from Australia is anything to go by. The Adelaide-based Advertiser writes how it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, experienced or not, electric bikes are redefining how we think of transport and what it can do for us. Road networks are being rethought to accommodate a surging desire to ride electric bikes, and how the quicker this can happen, the more prosperous a city can become. What began in the Asia-Pacific region years ago and broke big in Europe over the last three or four years...

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Oh my word. Don't give anybody in the UK government ideas... Michael Gratton was recently cycling to work in Sydney when he was stopped by a police “education and awareness” blitz and fined $531 (£310). The severity of the crime? No helmet, no bell and not having a working brake. I think we can all agree that two of those three 'crimes' are pretty laughable. The Guardian reports on these horrifying series of fines that seem more likely to deter people from cycling than any badly-driven lorry or impatient driver. Requesting every cyclist carries iD on them seems a particularly bonkers legal requirement. Chris Standen, an analyst at...

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