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When you’re choosing the right e-bike for you, there are a lot of technical numbers out there, especially concerning the batteries. Below, you’ll find definitions of the key terms you need to know about e-bike battery specs. At the bottom, we put it all together so you know why those numbers matter so you know how to choose the right e-bike battery… AMPS An Amp is a measure of electrical current, or rate of flow. Basically, it’s how much power is moving through the system. VOLTS or VOLTAGE Think of a Volt as the “force” pushing Amps through the system....

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We read quite a few articles about new electric bike battery technology, and it's common throughout the tech world as we all know that battery power for electric vehicles of all kinds is crucial to the next decade, and the more, the smaller, the better. This one sounds too good to be true. Purdue University researchers have developed a battery technology said to be able to recharge instantly - and it’s cheap and environmentally friendly. I know, and next you’ll be telling me it comes with a magic money tree for the garden... Dubbed the ‘IFbattery’, the tech works as a...

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The electric bike revolution is powered by Lithium. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are a rechargeable battery with a global market estimated at $11bn, predicted to grow to $60bn by 2020. The BBC Earth website has a fascinating feature on how lithium has it's first uses in medicine, and over the last decade has become synonymous with batteries. Phones, laptops, basically anything electrical will use lithium-ion, and of course, electric bikes (and cars) need a bigger chunk than most items. Two interesting facts taken from the article are that most of the world's reserves are in South America, and lithium is one...

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Automotive giant Ford have created a new four-wheel mode of transport, but it’s not a car - no, this is the Carr-E, a four-wheeled electric pedestrian assistant. The Carr-E can be used to carry luggage or heavy shopping. Once an object is placed on the device, it will follow an electronic transmitter which the users keeps on their person. As shown in the opening photograph, the Carr-E can be used for personal transport, a bit like a Segway. “I really wanted to create a device, that is more than just a hoverboard,” says Ford systems engineer, Kilian Vas. “I was...

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Here’s another new EU standard the UK  government will have to replicate when they decide to leave the warm bosom of Europe. The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation has published the European standard EN 50604-1:2016, which defines a unified, Europe-wide safety standard for lithium-ion batteries used in e-bikes and Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). This new regulation improves the safety of electric bikes, as well as providing a robust legal framework. Batteries are protected against overcharging, deep discharging, short circuits, extreme temperatures and vibrations. The charger and battery pack must match, and chargers must only be able to charge the batteries...

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