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2016 saw electric bikes sales make up nearly 25% of all bicycle sales in Switzerland. 325,000 total sales, with 75,665 of them e-bikes. E-MTBs were a large part of this with 36% (20,761 units) of the total electric share. Although 400,00 electric bikes have been sold in Switzerland in total now. In non-electric figures, 27.5 inch wheel size bikes were up in sales, whereas the 29 inch category was down, as was the 26 inch category. Source

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We’ve been hearing about the Electric Brompton bike for some years now, and proposed launch dates have been and gone. This article in Bike Biz throws some light on the subject, with it sounding like the Brompton guys want to get it right first time, similar to how Apple spend years developing their products (and even then, most would agree the Apple Watch didn’t quite succeed, and will the Apple Car (or television set) ever see the light of day?) The e-bike revolution shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise when bicycles haven’t dramatically changed much in their entire history....

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Fast Mobility Free Parking Save Money Fresh Air Independence No Traffic Delays Green Stylish Exercise Easy and there are plenty more....

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Electric bikes offer more than a normal bicycle does. This shouldn’t be taken as a slur on traditional cycling - hopefully non-assisted bicycles will always be around. An electric bike just takes the freedom and mobility of a bicycle and pushes the frontiers of how you can use it. Commuters are always looking for cheaper and more reliable ways of travelling. Cycling has often been a consideration, but the concern about turning up at work sweaty and exhausted usually keeps people stuck on the public transport gravy train. Electric bikes will get you to work, on time, fresh as a...

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Oh my word. Don't give anybody in the UK government ideas... Michael Gratton was recently cycling to work in Sydney when he was stopped by a police “education and awareness” blitz and fined $531 (£310). The severity of the crime? No helmet, no bell and not having a working brake. I think we can all agree that two of those three 'crimes' are pretty laughable. The Guardian reports on these horrifying series of fines that seem more likely to deter people from cycling than any badly-driven lorry or impatient driver. Requesting every cyclist carries iD on them seems a particularly bonkers legal requirement. Chris Standen, an analyst at...

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