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Mountain bikes with batteries may not look hip but they bring wondrous landscapes within reach of many, and this region next to Grenoble is a great place to try them I wanted gentler slopes and a serene alternative to the soaring, rugged landscape of the Alps. I found it in the Vercors Massif, less than an hour from Grenoble airport, where Ryanair’s new thrice-weekly summer route is opening up the region’s grassy pistes. But I also discovered a paradise for mountain biking, hiking and roller-skiing... In a valley about a third of the way down the 60km-long massif between Valence...

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Gates is celebrating the ten year anniversary of the first Carbon Drive. To commemorate the occasion, the brand is introducing various new products, including a limited edition white belt drive, at the 2017 Eurobike show. Early prototypes of Gates belt drives were first seen at the 2007 show on a hard tail mountain bike. At Eurobike 2008, Gates again made gained attention when Fixie Inc and Gates won a Eurobike Gold award with the Five Star bicycle, a singlespeed with a Gates belt. “Ten years ago, many people were skeptical that a belt drive could work on bikes. Now we...

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Yamaha told this to Bike Europe correspondent Jo Beckendorff who was the first ever journalist being allowed to have a look at the Yamaha PAS (Power Assist) drivetrain production located in Iwata, south of Tokyo. Iwata is where the HQ of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd is based. The city also hosts Yamaha Motor Electronics Co. Ltd. 45% of the business of this Yamaha company comes from motorcycles. A big 39% however from e-bike drivetrains. More

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Although driverless cars will stop if an object is in their path, cyclists may be a problem because of the way they change in speed and shape. Former Renault-Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn described cyclists as ‘one of the biggest problems for driverless cars’ in 2016. Google continues to teach its cars to recognise cyclists’ hand signals and allows them more space on the road. Experts believe segregation and AV-only roads are inevitable. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is delivering a feasibility and R&D programme worth more than £200m, via Innovate UK. This includes the GATEway programme in...

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It sound like 'the e-bike smile' is gaining traction around the world, if this article from Australia is anything to go by. The Adelaide-based Advertiser writes how it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, experienced or not, electric bikes are redefining how we think of transport and what it can do for us. Road networks are being rethought to accommodate a surging desire to ride electric bikes, and how the quicker this can happen, the more prosperous a city can become. What began in the Asia-Pacific region years ago and broke big in Europe over the last three or four years...

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