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Bikes eating cars. It's an odd statement, at first glance, but as cities become more crowded, mass four-wheeled transit cannot cope. If we can double or triple capacity for the roads, then the crowded city is solved. And bike, and especially electric bikes, are the obvious answer. Self-described disruption theorist and analyst Horace Dediu and Karmic Bikes president Hong Quan chat to TechCrunch Editor-in-Chief Matthew Panzarino about the electrified revolution.   It's interesting how in Europe, certain cities are building their infrastructure around the bike first, whether that be traffic lights or lanes. Listen to it here

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The Blaze Laserlight shines a green, laser image of a bike on to the road ahead. This alerts motorists and pedestrians of the oncoming approach of a cyclist in a silent but effective way. Investment has seen the company make deals with cycle hire companies in London and New York with more expected. Transport for London actually approached Blaze about a deal. Blaze see the future of cycling as big for electric bikes, with their perfect use for transport and mobility, especially in big, busy cities.

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Every other year, the ‘Copenhagenize Index’ publishes an overview of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Cities with populations larger than 600,000 are rated on the basis of 13 criteria. What role does cycling play in city life, transportation and culture? The Copenhagen Index has the answers. Statistics from the report’s leading city are staggering. In Copenhagen, 63% of the city's population commute to work or school by bike. Only 10% commute by car. Second place goes to Amsterdam, with the number of bicycles exceeding the population: 881,000 bicycles for 800,000 inhabitants. Amsterdamers cycle two million kilometers every day....

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