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Due to the ongoing success of accessory pack offers in the past, Electric Bikes Kent are excited to announce another – and our best yet! From now until 30th April 2017, we can offer a FREE Ultimate Pack with the purchase of a new Gocycle  (in addition to the standard Base Pack, this includes the Commuter Pack and Portable Pack, MSRP £469.98). This includes the portable carry bag and docking station, mudguards, kickstand, lights, fold leg, shocklock, and folding pedals. All online orders will automatically include this fantastic offer.  

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Big Dutch bicycle oufit Gazelle have opened an office in California, confident they can be part of a ‘cultural change’ in America, a change that is clearly spear-headed by electric bikes. With 60 dealers in the US, Gazelle can see the benefit of a branch in Santa Cruz in California, where the eco-culture is well-established. Spokesman Ferdi Ertekin said, ‘We think the electric bike can help Americans get moving. We present these as an alternative to car trips, many of which are also fine by bicycle. With increasing pressure on the transport network it is necessary to look for alternatives....

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Swiss electric bike outfit Stromer separate from BMC After a few years looking for a buyer, Stromer has finally separated from parent group BMC after having secured finance from a Swiss investment group. Stromer now plan to push their ST series further into the ‘digital’, with future bikes having the ability to learn riding style as well as further anti-theft functions. Stromer sold 10,000 electric bikes in 2016. Source

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Obviously with iplayer, it's not too desperate if you don't see this post until tomorrow or next week, but in case you want to watch it 'live',  Pedalling Dreams: The Raleigh Story is on BBC4 tonight at 9pm. There are some lovely arch little films in this captivating chunk of nostalgia about Raleigh bicycles, with men in ties and suits talking in that clipped way about bike making. As always, producer Testimony Films has done an amazing job in mining rich seams of archive footage, and the most beautiful 1950s advertising posters. Former Raleigh workers talk with misty-eyed delight about...

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The appeal of Emu Electric Bikes is immediate. Stylish looks, packed with accessories, and with the craftily-designed battery and motor, to the untrained eye you’d never guess it was an electric bike! Available in crossbar red or black, and step-through white, March 2017 sees the cycling calendar get off to a cracking start with a month-long £100 discount off every bike. That’s £1,199 for an electric bike, with built-in lights, mudguards, rear pannier, chain guard, display and charger. It’s madness, I tell you - MARCH MADNESS! Pop in for a test-ride soon, we have a lovely Emu electric bike right...

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