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Now this is interesting! Suspension has been ruled by air and springs, but how about magnets? German bike brand Canyon has produced a concept ebike using magnets in the pivot points. Obviously we don’t know how this affects rebound and compression, but the basic idea sounds good, and presumably they’d never need adjusting. Perhaps they would need to place different strength magnets in there for different weight riders? Another idea is the miniature ‘Electric Engine’ built into the rear hub (not really a fan as crank motors rule! and are getting smaller all the time. We’re never likely to see...

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We came across this curiosity from the 90's recently, and it was a bit of a shock to find an electric bike on it. The London Design Museum held an exhibition during 1993 celebrating the Fiat 500 legend and heralding the arrival of the new Cinquecento. Fiat recruited eight Italian design houses to offer concept versions of the Cinquecento. Bertone made an off-road spider, Boneschi a minicab, Pininfarina a pick-up, ITCA a mini-cabrio, Coggiola went for a streamlined coupe, while Italdesign opted for a tailgated people carrier and the I.DE.A. Ins titute opted for a high-tech three-seater. Venerable Italian coachbuilder Zagato went for a...

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