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Copenhagen has called on its citizens to mark on a map of the city where they feel bicycle infrastructure should be developed or improved. Crowd-sourcing the demand, the city’s Bicycle Track Plan was developed in order that the city could realise a 2025 ambition to achieve a 50% by bicycle modal share for trips to work and education. Citizens were asked to mark on a map of the city in red for an indication of no safe infrastructure, in black to indicate that current facilities are too narrow and in blue to indicate high levels of congestion. The result is...

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Copenhagen ministers are now looking at new ways to prevent two-wheeled traffic jams in Europe’s cycling mecca. New electronic information boards will help to alleviate any cycle jams. CYCLE JAMS! THEY’VE GOT SO MANY BLINKING BIKES ON THE ROADS, THEY’RE GETTING JAMMED. Morten Kabell, the city’s head of technology and environment department, said ‘There’s a need for improved accessibility for the growing number of cyclists who unfortunately in many places are now having to fight for space on the bike lane. We’re hoping with these new information boards to give cyclists the opportunity to choose the least congested route through the city’. A helpful app, ibikecph, will also get...

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Every other year, the ‘Copenhagenize Index’ publishes an overview of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Cities with populations larger than 600,000 are rated on the basis of 13 criteria. What role does cycling play in city life, transportation and culture? The Copenhagen Index has the answers. Statistics from the report’s leading city are staggering. In Copenhagen, 63% of the city's population commute to work or school by bike. Only 10% commute by car. Second place goes to Amsterdam, with the number of bicycles exceeding the population: 881,000 bicycles for 800,000 inhabitants. Amsterdamers cycle two million kilometers every day....

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