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Copenhagen ministers are now looking at new ways to prevent two-wheeled traffic jams in Europe’s cycling mecca. New electronic information boards will help to alleviate any cycle jams. CYCLE JAMS! THEY’VE GOT SO MANY BLINKING BIKES ON THE ROADS, THEY’RE GETTING JAMMED. Morten Kabell, the city’s head of technology and environment department, said ‘There’s a need for improved accessibility for the growing number of cyclists who unfortunately in many places are now having to fight for space on the bike lane. We’re hoping with these new information boards to give cyclists the opportunity to choose the least congested route through the city’. A helpful app, ibikecph, will also get...

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Cyclist Magazine, an award-winning mag, recently posted up a handy basic guide to electric bikes. Motor, battery, and speed are covered, as well as charge times, distance, cost per mile (approximately 0.4pence per mile – compared to 34 pence per mile for the average-sized diesel car. Always good to see the mainstream cycling press saying nice things about e-bikes. The more the merrier!

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The biggest obstacle to everyone in the UK riding any kind of bike (electric, tandem, recliner, unicycle) is the infrastructure. An advantage of electric bikes is the fact that you can choose the safest route as opposed to the shortest route, because electric power means you don’t have to worry cycling an extra five miles if need be. Cyclists despair about the state of old cycle lanes, as sometimes they’re so bad that it’s simply safer to ride on the road rather than a bumpy, cracked path - something drivers can often fail to appreciate ('get in the cycle lane'...

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Electric bikes definitely get you fitter. You’ve either not ridden for years and need a helping hand, or the pure joy of receiving 300% assistance means you start to crave electric rides like a fitness drug! But just in case you’re in any doubt about whether there’s a ‘cut-off’ age for cycling, look at the example of French cyclist Robert Marchand. Two years ago at the age of 101, Marchand rode 14 miles in an hour, a world record. Incredibly, two years later, Marchand went and broke his own record by cycling 16 miles in the same time. By doing...

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