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Would all the rude people who shout “cheat!” when I’m riding my electric bike please stop. Why do they think this is cheating and why do they feel entitled to abuse me? I use my e-bike for shopping, commuting to work and to build up muscles in my knees in preparation for an operation. The advantages are huge: I can cycle along manually on flat roads or the towpath, and when I come to a hill, of which there are many in Stroud, I can use power assist. It’s clean transport, costs nothing and causes no pollution. E-bikes are now...

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When you’re choosing the right e-bike for you, there are a lot of technical numbers out there, especially concerning the batteries. Below, you’ll find definitions of the key terms you need to know about e-bike battery specs. At the bottom, we put it all together so you know why those numbers matter so you know how to choose the right e-bike battery… AMPS An Amp is a measure of electrical current, or rate of flow. Basically, it’s how much power is moving through the system. VOLTS or VOLTAGE Think of a Volt as the “force” pushing Amps through the system....

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Raleigh has announced the introduction of the Mustang Comp Electric. The e-Mustang features the new Kinesis alloy frame. This is coupled with light-weight carbon blade forks with an alloy steerer making for fast and responsive handling. To cope with the road, track and trail, it is fitted with 650B gravel ready wheels and tyres. The bike sports a Shimano Steps E6000 drive system with a large Shimano Steps display, Sram’s Apex groupset including hydraulic disc brakes, rear derailleur and shifters, a long-lasting lithium-ion 400WH battery – which is semi-integrated into the frame and provides up to 125 km of range,...

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