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An electric bike can help tackle congestion and air pollution, reduce commuting costs, and make long, uphill rides a doddle Ebikes could help tackle congestion and make your daily commute cheaper and less stressful, and yet, if you are reading this, the chances are you are one of the 75% of people who don’t know what one is. But you probably will soon. An ebike (also known as a pedelec) is a bicycle with a battery and electric motor that assists when you’re pedalling – up to 15.5mph in the UK. You still get the benefits of pedalling, but your...

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Bikes eating cars. It's an odd statement, at first glance, but as cities become more crowded, mass four-wheeled transit cannot cope. If we can double or triple capacity for the roads, then the crowded city is solved. And bike, and especially electric bikes, are the obvious answer. Self-described disruption theorist and analyst Horace Dediu and Karmic Bikes president Hong Quan chat to TechCrunch Editor-in-Chief Matthew Panzarino about the electrified revolution.   It's interesting how in Europe, certain cities are building their infrastructure around the bike first, whether that be traffic lights or lanes. Listen to it here

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