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Bosch have opened a new Uphill Flow Trail at the Geisskopf. It’s classed as a blue route with perfect narrow curves built into the forest, and technically challenging red and black areas can be found just off the main route. The riders at EMTB news climbed the route four times, so when you think that’s also four times down, eight great trail rides in a row isn’t bad. Watch the video to see how they got on.

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2016 saw electric bikes sales make up nearly 25% of all bicycle sales in Switzerland. 325,000 total sales, with 75,665 of them e-bikes. E-MTBs were a large part of this with 36% (20,761 units) of the total electric share. Although 400,00 electric bikes have been sold in Switzerland in total now. In non-electric figures, 27.5 inch wheel size bikes were up in sales, whereas the 29 inch category was down, as was the 26 inch category. Source

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Due for release in July 2017, the new eMTB mode replaces the former Bosch-powered ‘Sport’ mode (the third of the four assistance levels) on the Performance Line CX models, and varies between travel modes Tour and Turbo. With a maximum torque up to 75Nm this strenghtens the motor and the rider’s personal contribution between 120% and 300%. Depending on the pedal pressure the progressive motor support adjusts automatically to the individual way of riding. Completely without shifting gears the engine supports slight RPMs constantly with ideal performance. The ride on steep slopes is effortless, moving forward on the terrain is...

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There’s not more to add here, but it’s always nice to see a famous movie director giving the seal of approval to our favourite pastime. I recently rode an electric bike for the first time, a Haibike XDuro FatSix, and it's fucking genius - the perfect balance between some form of exercise and artificial assistance. They're quiet, and if you reach a fence, you can chuck your bike over, unlike a motorbike. Source

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Haibike are the best electric mountain bikes in the world, as anyone who rides one will tell you. So good in fact, that one of our recent customers penned an ode to the wonderful German masters. Enjoy!   MY NEW LECCY BIKE When I was a lad I was bicycle mad, and I rode in and out motor cars. And now I'm a man I still ride when I can, with both hands on me handle bars.   Back in the day I rode a fixed wheel, and gears were just but a dream. I had to keep pedalling even...

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