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Rain or shine, top hard enduro racer Paul Bolton uses his Haibike XDURO AllMtn for training, to keep himself at the front of the pack in some of the most technical and physically demanding races in the world. Check out the Haibike mini documentary here.

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Irish enduro racer Greg Callaghan recently spoke about how he often trains on an electric bike, or an eMTB to be precise. ‘There is a bit of stigma around them, but as my teammate says, 'I’ve never seen someone ride an e-bike without a smile'. Anyone who gives it a chance and rides one loves it. I love mine. Normally I’ll use it when I have a recovery ride planned. I’ll go out for a couple of hours on the e-bike because you get more trails done. You get way more value for the energy and time you put in....

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The popular Mini Enduro welcomes eMTBs for 2017. UK Haibike’s Richard Dobney said they were ‘super happy to be supporting the Mini Enduro and Welsh Gravity Enduro for 2017. Having been huge fans of the races these guys have put on for many years, it's great to be involved with a bunch of people that reflect the true spirit of riding bikes in the woods with your mates. The events have always been seen as low pressure, fun races. When they mentioned they'd added an e-bike class last year I jumped at the chance to have a blast around the...

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