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Sustrans’ Tim Burns says the battle against air pollution is one that cycling is in a prime position to combat. This article comes in the recent government plan to ban all new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040. Although welcome, this aim won’t reduce our congested roads or improve a sedentary mode of transport. More people on bikes solves both of those issues. The average distance travelled by car in 2015 is only seven miles, and only 2% of those trips are undertaken by bike (I’m surprised it’s that high). A 3.5 metre-wide single lane can transport 2,000 people an...

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Regarding the US, Ray Verhelst of the US Electric Bike Association, says the over-45s are the main demographic, with a larger percentage of women riders than Europe. Ray states that the potential for commuting (with most employees living within five miles of their workplace) is huge. Safe and legal places to ride are a concern, much like infrastructure that needs improvement in the UK. Edward Benjamin of eCycle Electric Consultants, says he expects anyone of any age to be a part of the future. Clive Gosling of CSG UK, makes the important observation that they’re for anyone that wants to...

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There’s a big electric bike push going on in the American city of Seattle. A new bike-share program may feature 1,200 electric bikes at 100 stations wired into the power grid. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is keen for the city to go electric, and they are in negotiations over a contract with bike-share company Bewegen. Kyle Rowe, who is managing bike share for SDOT, said the electric assist tops out at 20mph. The bikes can tackle some of Seattle’s steepest hills. The bikes are tracked by GPS and have a lock that would allow them to be secured...

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There’s a neat little plug for electric bikes over in the Saga Magazine. It highlights useful info like how you’ll be emboldened to ride further as you have the assistance and you know how much of that you have left so you can plan your return. They also offer the legal points of how an electric bike must only contribute power when you are pedalling, and obvious points about what type of cycling you’ll be doing and how electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes, something which might not be apparent to someone who has little knowledge of the...

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Study area: OxfordAge: 80sLocation: SuburbCycling history: DiminishedBike: E-bike Themes: Fitness, Mobility, Sociability, Topography, Exercise Michael had retired in 1998 and had lived with his wife in a bungalow on a quiet cul-de-sac in East Oxford since 1988. Growing up in Ireland he had cycled very extensively with his friends, eventually selling his bike to cover his travel to a job in Southampton aged 19. He then moved to a series of workplaces around the UK, ending up in Oxford in 1955. Here he cycled to work at the Morris Motors Car Factory where he was a construction worker. Following this...

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