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Due to the ongoing success of accessory pack offers in the past, Electric Bikes Kent are excited to announce another – and our best yet! From now until 30th April 2017, we can offer a FREE Ultimate Pack with the purchase of a new Gocycle  (in addition to the standard Base Pack, this includes the Commuter Pack and Portable Pack, MSRP £469.98). This includes the portable carry bag and docking station, mudguards, kickstand, lights, fold leg, shocklock, and folding pedals. All online orders will automatically include this fantastic offer.  

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A light electric bike that never runs out of battery charge? Well, that’s what the Austrian Kickstarter campaign behind VELLO Bike+ claim. At just under 11kgs, and folding into a size only slightly bigger than half a metre wide, it certainly looks exciting. "A self-locking magnet allows hands-free folding, which makes it very different from a typical folding bike with hinges," company co-founder and designer Valentin Vodev said. And how does that self-charging feature work? It’s claimed the bike's integrated lithium-ion battery can be completely recharged just by pedaling or braking, using its Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System and converting...

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We’ve been hearing about the Electric Brompton bike for some years now, and proposed launch dates have been and gone. This article in Bike Biz throws some light on the subject, with it sounding like the Brompton guys want to get it right first time, similar to how Apple spend years developing their products (and even then, most would agree the Apple Watch didn’t quite succeed, and will the Apple Car (or television set) ever see the light of day?) The e-bike revolution shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise when bicycles haven’t dramatically changed much in their entire history....

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