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Electric bikes are great fun, and that’s why we love them. The Gocycle G3 has sold thousands around the world, and it’s a killer in the looks department. So it’s no real surprise to see some of the top sports stars in the world riding one. You’d hardly call Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafael Nadal lazy or in need of electrical assistance, but that’s a common misconception with electric bikes. They’re fun, and they make cycling better. Years ago it was gears, and suspension, and lighter frames, all these innovations improved cycling and made it more accessible and sophisticated. Now electric...

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Despite being aware that many of their readers still don’t appreciate electric bikes, Outside Magazine have put together a great look at three eMTBs, one of which is the Haibike AllMtn 8.0 The writer makes a point of saying he’s a fit person, and gives an example of how did a five-hour ride on a Saturday with 7,000 feet of climbing with a friend. The friend felt a Sunday ride would be too much, but the author lent him an e-MTB, and they enjoyed another four-hour epic together. The words ‘tired’ or ‘stressed’ don’t really come into the electric bike...

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Approval has been given for a £500,000 closed road cycling circuit at Pembrey Country Park. Carmarthenshire Council has allocated capital programme funding for the purpose-built track, which has the backing of Welsh Cycling and Sport Wales. Pembrey expect to receive £25,000 a year from the project, and work is due to begin shortly. The circuit will be used for competitive and recreational events and will meet the British cycling standard. Source: South Wales Evening Post

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Councillors are opening up a can of worms by proposing road advantages to electric bikes and cyclists in the bike-friendly city of Cambridge. According to a report to Cambridgeshire County Council: ‘Allowing cyclists to be exempt from no-entry restrictions, and to travel both ways on one-way streets, is a cost effective and easy way of expanding the city cycle network. With better permeability for cyclists it also encourages residents to cycle, rather than use a car for short, local journeys.’ Although all cyclists want infrastructure to improve around the country, I don’t think changing the rules of the road for...

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Tom Babin has penned a great piece over at the LA Times highlighting a few of the huge reasons why electric bikes are just so flaming great! He remarks on the no-sweat work commute reason ‘Studies have shown the prospect of arriving at work sweaty is one of the biggest impediments to getting would-be bike commuters out of their cars.’ Another is the ‘outdated attitude that sees bikes only as a recreational athletic opportunity rather than a practical transportation option’ Babin states that 152,000 e-bikes were sold last year in the US, a figure that would be more than 5...

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