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Electric bikes are great fun, and that’s why we love them. The Gocycle G3 has sold thousands around the world, and it’s a killer in the looks department. So it’s no real surprise to see some of the top sports stars in the world riding one. You’d hardly call Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafael Nadal lazy or in need of electrical assistance, but that’s a common misconception with electric bikes. They’re fun, and they make cycling better. Years ago it was gears, and suspension, and lighter frames, all these innovations improved cycling and made it more accessible and sophisticated. Now electric...

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Due to the ongoing success of accessory pack offers in the past, Electric Bikes Kent are excited to announce another – and our best yet! From now until 30th April 2017, we can offer a FREE Ultimate Pack with the purchase of a new Gocycle  (in addition to the standard Base Pack, this includes the Commuter Pack and Portable Pack, MSRP £469.98). This includes the portable carry bag and docking station, mudguards, kickstand, lights, fold leg, shocklock, and folding pedals. All online orders will automatically include this fantastic offer.  

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Big tech magazine T3 posted up an article pitting three popular electric bikes (well, maybe two, as one we’ve never heard of) against each other. The article does admit a few times that it’s not really exactly a fair fight, as each bike is aimed at different markets. But it’s all generally accurate and fair, and apart from whoever placed the photos in the wrong places (someone clearly doesn’t know their G3 from their Trayser) Out of the three, I would only place the Gocycle G3 as clearly one of the best electric bikes on the market. I doubt even Haibike...

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Gocycle are running a campaign over the summer months asking for people to send in their 'Gocycle on holiday' snaps. Do like and share what you see out there and on your own Gocycle rides. All entrants will have the added bonus of a chance to win the new Gocycle Front Pannier (worth £139.99). Happy snapping!

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The Gocycle G3 is the end product of nine years of development and refinement since Karbon Kinetics first launched the G1 in 2009. It folds down into a suitcase, making it perfect for campervan and marine leisure, and it's so light (16kg) that it's a perfect commuter bike too, even if you need to navigate stairs. The advanced software can be controlled via the bike or the mobile app, and as it's ergonomically-designed, one size fits all. Come and see the Gocycle G3 at Electric Bikes Kent and book a test-ride. You'll 'go' crazy for it.

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