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Ghost showcased a few striking-looking electric bikes, with colour schemes and designs quite unlike anything else on the market. This purple/green and black number is the Lanao 6, a women's hardtail. 130mm travel fork and those 27.5+ tyres soak up the bumps, and it's powered by the Steps Shimano 8000 system delivering 70Nm or torque from a 500W battery.   Top electric brands Haibike, Raleigh, Gocycle, Winora, Cube, KTM, and Wisper are on show this year in the e-village, and also at the Cycle Show 2016 are Cannondale, Orange mountain bikes, Shand Cycles, Radon from Germany, Isla bikes, Ridley, Saracen, Genesis, Ridgeback, Magura,...

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