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It may not be clear from the persistent bikelash in many sections of the media, but in fact there is huge public support for increased government investment in cycling and especially for building segregated bike routes. Of 7,700 people surveyed in seven major UK cities for a new study published on Tuesday, 78% of people support the creation of more protected bike routes on roads, even when this could mean less space for other road traffic, with the majority of people saying this would encourage them to cycle more. Yet, at present, a total of only 19 miles of physically...

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Despite Lamb Sr having an electric bike to help climb the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, this is an underpowered example of the minor-celebs-on-tour genre Larry and George Lamb are going on holiday together. That’s Larry Lamb the actor (Archie Mitchell in EastEnders, Mick Shipman in Gavin & Stacey) not Larry Lamb the dead newspaper editor and page 3 pioneer. And George Lamb his son, also on TV and the radio, not George Lamb the even deader (in 1834) politician and writer. More

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An electric bike can help tackle congestion and air pollution, reduce commuting costs, and make long, uphill rides a doddle Ebikes could help tackle congestion and make your daily commute cheaper and less stressful, and yet, if you are reading this, the chances are you are one of the 75% of people who don’t know what one is. But you probably will soon. An ebike (also known as a pedelec) is a bicycle with a battery and electric motor that assists when you’re pedalling – up to 15.5mph in the UK. You still get the benefits of pedalling, but your...

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If you were building a city for bicycles from scratch, what would you include and leave out? In an edited excerpt from his new book Velotopia, Steven Fleming imagines a pedallers’ paradise. Velotopia is as circular as the topography has allowed, for the usual reason that citizens are always clamouring to live near the civic centre. Development has been restricted to level ground and city limits have been restricted to a diameter of 15km. That ensures average commuting distances of less than 7km and average trip times of less than 30 minutes by bike. More

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Another sign of electric bikes prominence in the wider public consciouness comes in a Guardian feature detailing ‘five of the best’. There are WAY too many great electric bikes out there in 2017 to really focus on just five, but we can’t argue that these five wouldn’t make their way onto most peoples’ ‘best of’ lists. The American firm Budnitz is a stunning city bike, and at £3,240, it’s certainly style-heavy as there isn’t much in the way of specs for that price. The Titanium version (which they pictured) is actually three times the price although it does only weigh 13kg, unheard...

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