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We always like to flag up a good Haibike review, and here's a good one from Tech Radar. All the major pluses of the Haibike Street 2.5 are highlighted, and it's sure to be one of the best-selling electric bikes for 2019. Enjoy.

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I'm not fluent in German, but you can get a nice impression of touring on a Haibike electric bike from this video. Maximilian Semsch is offering his recommendation for the top three bike paths in Germany. He has already cycled more than 50,000km through more than 30 countries. In his last adventure through his homeland, Maximilian visited all 16 federal states in four and a half months, covering 7,500km.

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Rain or shine, top hard enduro racer Paul Bolton uses his Haibike XDURO AllMtn for training, to keep himself at the front of the pack in some of the most technical and physically demanding races in the world. Check out the Haibike mini documentary here.

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E-mountain bike pro Guido Tschugg and Haibike have ended their partnership at the end of 2017. Haibike had relied on the native rider in the past three years and, together with him, consolidated and further strengthened his position as leader in ePerformance. The multiple German champion Tschugg is one of the best known and most successful German mountain bikers and surprised many in the scene in 2015, when he switched to the e-bike as the first German freeride professional. In the ePerformance pioneer Haibike, he found a partner of equal value - extreme performance and electric drive do not have...

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Like it or not, e-bike are quickly becoming a key sector in the industry, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. I sat down with Haibike’s Gareth Davies to discuss how the image of the e-bike has changed, and where Haibike’s place in the future of the industry lies. There was a time when the concept of e-bikes was cheapened by low-quality Chinese factory exports, what do you think were the major progress points in changing that image? True electrical giants came to the party. Panasonic, Bosch, Yamaha all made fantastic in-roads with product that had a true...

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